Review: Tourniquet Trauma Kit By Lia Medical

This is a great set to add to an additional first aid kit. My Husband and I are both Medics and we like the idea of being able to have a tourniquet and trauma dressing in our emergency kits and range bag for our personal use away from work should the need ever arise.

This kit comes with a CAT tourniquet, an Israeli trauma dressing and an emergency reflective blanket. All three items come in a small zippered plastic bag (similar to a heavy duty ziplock) which is perfect to throw in an existing first aid/emergency kit.

Obviously we don’t recommend using this unless you are trained in the use of tourniquets but that being said this is a very nice quality kit. We are very happy with it.

From Amazon:

The CAT, The Official Tourniquet of The U.S ARMY Together with the Israeli battle proven Bandage and the Emergency Blanket, Makes The Best Life Saving Trauma Kit For an Emergency Situation.

The official Tourniquet of the U.S ARMY РProven to be 100% effective in occluding blood flow in both upper & lower extremities by the USAISR the U.S. Army Institute of Surgical Research.

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Retsel Little Ark Grain Mill Review


We purchased our Retsel grain mill in February of 2013 after much research and deliberation. Since it was a decent investment we wanted a grain mill that would not only work well but would also last for years. After seeing several bad reviews about the grain mill itself and also about the company’s poor customer service we were skeptical but we decided to take a chance since we were able to get all of the features that we wanted and it was in our price range. We knew we wanted a mill that came with stones as well as steel burrs should we ever decide to grind more than just flours and cornmeal. We also wanted a flywheel should we decide to motorize the mill. Being made in the USA was also a big perk.

Since we paid via money order we were able to get 20% off of our order including the cost of shipping. Our mill arrived within 30 days of cleared payment as customer service stated it would and was very well packed. The only assembly required was attaching the flywheel and handle to the mill and bolting the whole thing to the countertop.

The first time we used the mill we were pleasantly surprised by how easy the wheel was to turn as some reviews had stated that the handle was rather hard to turn. Using a fingertip tight setting on the adjustment knob we are able to grind a cup of flour suitable for bread making in about 10 minutes.

All in all we are very happy we took a chance on Retsel as they make a very solid product we expect to have for years. We love our grain mill and would recommend a Little Ark to anyone looking for a good, sturdy hand powered grain mill made in the USA.

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with any of the companies mentioned in this post, all products were purchased by me, all opinions are my own.