Thrifty Thursday: Bringing New Life to a Vintage Clothespin Bag

Vintage Clothespin Bag All Fixed Up

This weeks Thrifty Thursday feature is a vintage clothespin bag that was given new life with the help of a thrifted pillow sham.

We’ve had plans in the making for a while to add a clothesline to the homestead so when I saw this adorable clothespin bag complete with 89 clothespins for $2.00 I had to have it.

My original plan was to purchase a small amount of unbleached muslin to replace the fabric bag as it had become dry rotted and quite brittle. However when I came upon a single cotton pillow sham at a garage sale several days later for $0.25 I knew it was an even better (and cheaper) option.

Replacing the cloth bag was pretty straightforward. I just cut off the old bag and used it as a template to sew the new one. The construction is quite simple: just a sewn tube with a pocket around the top and the bottom stitched shut. All told the entire project took about 30 minutes from start to finish.

Here’s a before and after:





The end result turned out so cute and at $2.25 total it was a steal. I can’t wait to use this bag as soon as we get our clothesline built!


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