Raising Meat Rabbits: Our Setup So Far


So it’s been a little over three months since we got our first New Zealand White rabbits.  We were able to find two 8 week old does and a 12 week old buck for $10 each via craigslist. Our plan is to get two more does in the near future for a total of 4 does and a buck.

Our beginning setup was a wood hutch that we got off of craigslist and refurbished (I use this term loosely: hubby-to-be basically replaced everything but the floor joists). The initial plan was to use this hutch until we could build two larger ones from scratch but it soon became apparent that wood hutches were not only pricey to build right but were hard to keep clean, not to mention the amount of chewing they would be subjected to. We decided in the long run that stacked cages were the way to go for the setup we wanted. We quickly came to the realization that purchasing said cages new was not in our budget and set about looking for used ones.

We were able to find seven 36″x30″ cages with stacking legs on craigslist for $150. The cages were nice and solid when we got them but in pretty rough cosmetic condition.


We decided to replace all of the floors with new wire. Then we sanded, primed and painted the cages and legs with black Rustoleum paint. The last step was reassembling each stack of three and adding a wheeled base made of 2’x4’s. We also added sets of metal urine guards from Bass Equipment. Bottles, feeders and pans were all purchased at Tractor Supply.

The end result, while in our budget, certainly wasn’t cheap but it fits the space we have to work with and is easy to clean and maintain. We hope to make it work for several years with minimal maintenance.

Here’s the official before and after:

Cages Before and After

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with any of the companies mentioned in this post, all products were purchased by me, all opinions are my own.

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